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The current world class manufacturing facility was originally established as a dedicated food manufacturing plant by Goodman Fielder in the 1990’s.

The premises were later occupied in 2002 by a company called Natures Selection, which itself was an amalgamation of three separate companies and production facilities into the one facility. These originating companies of national significance were,

 Chisholm Manufacturing, which had been owned and run by Woolworths for the production of their private label  

   products (mainly nuts and legumes).

   Sanitarium Specialty Foods, which was involved in the blending of vitamin products that were used in their consumer

   end products, as well as packing some of their health segment nut related products (under the Sanitarium and Mellow

     Yellow brand names).

   Gazelle Foods, who contract packed for Kelloggs (portion control segment), and also produced a range of baking mix  

     products for the food service sector.

Natures Selection, prior to its demise, was producing a large range of Woolworths and Coles private label products in the health food segments, as well as the Coles private label pasta and sauce range of products.

When Natures Selection (it had subsequently changed its trading name to Blueleaf Food Group) went into voluntary administration in February 2012, the facilities and assets were acquired by Katalenn.

An injection of required funds into the business for modifications and improvements in the plant and equipment, has seen

Katalenn retaining Kelloggs as its major customer, where it continues to produce its portion control breakfast cereal products ( both bag in box and tubs) for the food service and retail industries.

Since the birth of Katalenn in June 2012, external independent auditing from the worlds highest regarded quality measure has seen it awarded a BRC certification for quality and efficiency in matters relating to Good Manufacturing Practice, Quality Assurance, Occupational Health and Safety, Cleanliness and Hygeine.

We have also received NSW Food Authority Certification, as well as passing Kelloggs own audit inspections from their QA team, by which confirmed their acceptance of Katalenn as a suitable packer of their high quality food products.

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